American Commodus

I love this!

I should really post about the 47% thing, which I saw somewhere corrected anyway, as far as who is not paying taxes and such, and how it’s not entirely a fair characterization. Thing is, Romney is allowed to use hyperbole and oversimplification in a fundraising speech to supporters. How scary does it sound to people who want Obama defeated and have the bucks to contribute, pointing out that there is a base that will automatically vote for him and that it’s large?

In reality, here in Massachusetts there is much disgust and dismay with Obama and ObamaCare among the working poor. If you could sever Boston and Cambridge from the state, I have little doubt Romney would carry Massachusetts. From here on the ground, I see him having a closer shot at it than you might expect. And not because he was much beloved as a governor, or RomneyCare is such a beloved accomplishment, whoever crossed and dotted the details once he’d padded his wannabepresident credentials with a single term.

So let’s get over the 47% thing already. I know that’s not the job of the press. The job of the press is to get Chavez Obama reelected, even if it’s not in their best interests.

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