Career Regret

This article inspires me to want to say so much that I proabably should saylittle or nothing. Let’s just say that my life is pretty much one giant fount of career regret, and I can tell you all about dimunation of options with age and cumulative choices. Or non-choices, for those of us who lived life as a veritable pinball, as if the flippers could only be controlled by others.

As I may have mentioned the other day, it’s kind of sad that a tech support job that paid somewhere between 80% and 50% of what it should have, and should have been more springboard than stopping point, is the high point of my working life.

On the other hand, it’s kind of hard to stop being a pinball or having regrets when you have no idea what it is you want. Sometimes I feel like that’s because I was raised not to want anything for myself, to have meaningful direction and interests, and know I had the right, even the obligation, to pursue them.

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