Elizabeth Warren

By now you’ve probably seen the news that Elizabeth Warren has been practicing law in Massachusetts without a license. I just wanted to note that I hope it’s the final straw that causes any slim hope she might have had of winning to collapse. She’s an absurd candidate. Democrats can do better. Not sure what they’re thinking, first with Coakley and now with Warren. And that doesn’t even get out of the state level, to what they must have been smoking to nominate Kerry. Especially when Bush was so potentially beatable that Kerry came surprisingly close.

Personally, I don’t believe in occupational licensing. If I thought she were a champion against the evils of government regulation of earning a living and freedom of commercial association, I might say more power to her for getting away with it. However, we all kwow there is no possible way that is the case, and instead it is a reflection of monuental hubris and/or stupidity. With Obama we have seen that you can be cunning or clever, yet stupid, sloppy or ignorant.

The Democrats are probably best off if she loses. Scott Brown is a Republican they can work with easily, which made it easier for him to be elected here. That gives six years for him to get more entrenched, sure, but also six years to find or groom someone with some principles, even if they are wrong in their conclusions and thus affiliation, and the ability to be competetive.

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