I made guacamole for the first time ever this morning. It’s in the fridge, getting cold and waiting until we use it with burritos for supper. I didn’t have all the ingredients typically called for in recipes I found online, but it’s better, even warm, than anything I’ve tried and shrugged about in a restaurant. I used two avacados, juice but not all I could have gotten out of half a lime (just realized I could make chicken for burritos and use the other half of the lime in seasoning it… hmmm), a slice of sweet onion diced fine, and little bits of powdered garlic, cumin and red pepper. We’ll see how the flavor blends after sitting, but I think I’ll want to do it again. (Then I used another slice of the onion to make an onion, ham and cheese omelet, which was yummy. I used cooking ideas I’d found online, rather than doing it my old way. Water does indeed make the egg fluffy! The onion sauteed before pouring in the egg, so it was embedded into the egg rather than in the middle. Then I flipped the whole thing before putting in the filling and folding it, which I’d never thought to do. It looked more like a restaurant one, abeit slightly messy and overcooked.)

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