Life as a Service

I have often had similar thoughts to this post titled Life as a Service. I don’t agree with every angle of his thoughts on things, but most of it resonates, especially the root of it: How can you be born into a binding agreement to be not only a part of a particular society and its rules, but also be bound to pay as mandated for what is mandated at mandatory amounts, to have things that should be freedoms granted capriciously and extortively rather than merely being, and to have freedom arbitrarily stolen away.

It doesn’t make sense, but we also are not in the world of Voyage From Yesteryear, and on some level even that represents no choice but what you are born to, albeit free and idyllic for most.

One thing you see people express bewilderment about now and then is land ownership, and that is one thing I find easy to understand and accept. Though I could also see having a society and a geographical area in which some land had not (yet) come under right of ownership. Which really should be a separate post on economics sometime.

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