Nuke Targets?

This item “No Jewish People without Israel” got me thinking about a couple of things.

One is the idea of what would happen to Islam if Mecca were nuked. I read something recently that posited the end of Islam in a messy spasm if a rogue Islamic state or terrorist rendered that a target by taking out a city in one country or another that could so retaliate.

By extension, more directly, it brought to mind the idea I’ve heard about also nuking Jerusalem to eliminate a place tussled over ridiculously by three major religions. While taking out that city does not equate per se with taking out the entire Jewish state, the questions are kindred.

Finally, as it discusses, the attitudes of American Jews of various ages.

I have a friend who is not that much younger than me, an American Jew, not super observant, extremely leftist, who simultaneously fears for the fate of Israel at the hands of American conservatives, yet seems more friend of Palestinians and foe of Israel than vice-versa. She is terrified of her privacy, refusing to have an online presence to speak of, certainly not that can be readily tied to her real identity. What she is afraid of is the right, not the left, which is historically muddled with respect to who gets authoritarian/fascist, and who has in the past or would in the future betray Jews. But then, the left leaning tendency of American Jews is a well known mystery. She is convinced that conservatives want to, well, immanentize the eschaton… bring about the end times, taking Jews and Israel along as a casualty. Perhaps this is something one could interpret from the whackiest religious whackos who have unfortunately identified themselves with the right, scaring even those of us with some natural affinity for the fiscal sense (in talk if not always the walk) and relatively freedom-loving, big tent tendencies that George W. Bush seemed to market then belie, especially in his second term. If anyone needs an example of why not to allow Obama the reduced restraint inherent in a second term, they need only look at Bush. As I mentioned in a prior post, a shame the Democrats put forth a loon like Kerry when they could have won with someone decent. But I digress.

How backward is that? The right as fascists. The left as freedom and privacy protectors. The left as friends of Israel. Well, except that some American Jews themselves don’t seem to be. The right as would-be destroyers of Israel.

How sad is it that we have to speak and think mainly in terms of left and right, anyway? That’s like saying you can use crayons in shades of red or in shades of blue to color. Ignore those yellow,green and purple ones… they don’t exist. You’d be wasting your art on them.

Some may think we should nuke the Moon, but that’s not the only target with intriguing consequences. And in all the nuclear testing that was done in the past, isn’t it kind of surprising nobody did nuke the Moon? That’s a lot of melted cheese.

See also Dumb Jews. Except I believe the tendency to be well off may be part of the problem, as it seems to with many monied folks who are either into multiple generations, or were not particularly entrepreneurial/free market seeking (rather than protected/licensed/rent seeking) in getting there. Seems to be some combination of protecting what’s yours or of guilt at being well off. That was always my theory on the Kennedys.

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