Real Estate Bubble WAS Money Laundering

If not in this sense, but rather in the sense of a place for currency inflation to go and more or less hide. These days money is mostly electronic, “on paper” rather than paper, and it is largely created by the issuing of debt or the say-so of the Fed, which comes to the same thing, since government debt is the main instrument.

Anyway, inflation spent decades, and especially around ten years at the end of and worst of the bubble, flowing into real estate values and storing in the associated financial instruments. Between not being as obvious as certain day to day expenditures, and of course no longer being included in the official CPI, that was a place for loose money to flow. Money laundering.

We are in such a dangerous place, and not just in that the government is taking way too much power, disdaining all limits. When the majority of federal debt is owned by the Fed, which created it out of thin air simply by making it so, how far away can total collapse be? It’s going to take an incredibly skilled walking back of how things are to prevent that, or even delay it, though it’s hard to overestimate the role of socio-infrastructure inelasticity and the cleverness of individuals and spontaneous institutions.

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