School Lunch Madness

On another school-related note, I am not surprised that there is a parody video regarding the worst first lady ever‘s pet school lunch policy. We’ve watched the school lunches go downhill since our second grader started kindergarten, becoming less likely to be eaten. If your kid won’t buy what they’re serving and takes lunch, well, I suppose that’s a form of freedom from nutritional oppression. Not to mention that if you’re paying full price the meals are overpriced. There have been complaints, albeit not universal, that this school year the meals are smaller and kids are coming home hungrier. Our kids get home about 3:45 PM. Some families are eating supper at 4:00 – 4:30 as a defense against the kids being snack locusts (more than normal) when they get home. Ours almost always wanted to snack on arriving home, but it seems a bit more extreme. Not a lot, but I haven’t correlated that to whether they have bought or brought, what and when their snack was, or whether they (allowed in the elementary school but not kindergarten) bought a snack or ice cream (available 2 days a week) in addition to lunch.

When I saw the policy requiring kids to take a fruit or veggie, I had images of trash cans filled with wasted food. Those poor starving kids in China! Er… or wherever, these days.

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