Donuts Can Be Deadly

I was thinking again about the whole part time schedule that precludes babysitting versus full time that requires it, and the costs associated with a modest amount of extra money. If I were to make 25k more, but need after school and full time summer care, that’s half-ish of the difference off the top. It would increase our tax burden, and that could be a quarter or more of the difference. The difference in school lunches comes to something like 2% of the difference. Health costs might be neutral, if benefits are supplied. There would be immediate need for a car purchase, and costs like as would increase. Depending on exact details, there would likely be more convenience purchases of food, if not necessitated by then at least lubricating the new arrangement. That’s just off the top of my head.

The more I think about it, the more appealing it sounds to give in and be a writer, and perhaps do other things that intrigue me, not staving off all added costs forever, but smoothing it out. The heart thing has me thinking more about living the time that remains, rather than sleepwalking it. Not in an abandon all obligations and pursue a mad dash through a bucket list sort of way, but in a care a lot less what people think and what I believe is expected or allowed.

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