Hanson Signs

I had seen this local controversy erupt recently, but heard nothing more about it until yesterday, when I saw a link to a local news web site with a truncated, cryptic video and no text. I guessed that they were using the old move signs onto a truck trick, and it looks like I was right.

In fairness to one of the motivations for the original complaints, it is a somewhat bad spot to be distracted from driving. On he other hand, if you’re so easy to distract and can’t also pay attention to where you’re going, you shouldn’t be driving.

Generally I believe local sign regulations, bylaws, or whatever form the restrictions or requirements to grease palms take are somewhere between completely unacceptable and way overblown. Thus I automatically rooted for this guy, but I’d also have wanted someone with Squaw for Senate and Obama for Dunce in Chief signs to be allowed to keep them up. I know, weird not to apply my version of the rules (or lack thereof) one-sidedly, but that’s just how I roll.

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