FDR On Steroids

It’s a shame that every time I see PJ Tatler I have to make fun of it and pronounce it as “TATE-ler,” since tattler has a double t, because sometimes there is interesting stuff there. I just don’t get the spelling error.

Case in point, hacking the Constitution. It is the stuff of FDR’s wildest dreams of power averice. Clever, yet evil. Exactly as I describe what a friend’s ex-husband did to her. After he was found unfit to have the kids and she was awarded custody, he got three of four kids to say she was mean to them and be convincing enough for the child “protective” people in the state to take them away. Then he got himself assigned to foster them. Thus he is being paid to have custody of kids he has been shown to be unfit to have in his custoday, gets to work full time on manipulating them further, deprives her almost completely of visitation, and eliminates almost any chance she can have a relationship with them until they are 18. Despite her having done a great job raising four kids to adulthood and a fifth, the one not fooled by her father, most of the way there. Clever! Vile, but clever. Long digression, but the concerted evil by Obama and cronies brought it to mind.

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