For years this has been here as “sample page” as part of a default template. Even if I don’t yet change templates, I figure the “sample page” thing looks stupid. So it’s now an about page, such as it is.

Jay Solo started blogging on February 25, 2003 and fairly rapidly became moderately “blog famous” before marrying a fellow blogger and, by 2009, largely dropping out of sight blog-wise. There have been multiple blogs and the posting here or there, in one name or another, never completely stopped, but that blogging feeling largely went the way of that loving feeling.

Tired of social media, and the fact it contributed to the wider reduction of blogging that preceded it in much the same role but without feeding the big data complex, and feeling more inspired than he has in a while, Jay is back, for now. This could change. The inspiration could go away. The urge to start over more anonymously could take the lead and overwhelm inertia. Who knows. For now, enjoy.

This blog specifically, Accidental Verbosity, was inspired by Jay’s penchant to be verbose and thus his original blog name, but took part of his former blogger wife’s blog name to be a shared venue. It’s a one person thing, now. For the moment, it will mostly be personal blogging, always a specialty, and cultural things. There might be blogging on politics or other topics elsewhere, unless things consolidate, but if they do, it might well not be here.


This seems to be turning into a combination of self-examination, reminiscence of my past and a world that can never be and perhaps never was, and culture, often as the trigger or centerpiece. Let’s see how that plays out…

Nobody ever comments, except spam. That’s the obvious way to comment or give feedback. If needed, e-mail is jay at this domain.

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