Or Not

I keep seeing the previous post and thinking I need to say something about it, since no change happened, obviously. Here is what happened…

I had setup various blogs with different topics/areas of focus, on the idea I would operate – and be the only contributor to! – an entire blog group. thereby making money doing an easy form of writing. I feel comfortable with writing. However, it’s easiest to write short snippets of observation, commentary, or even information. Fiction and longer writing are hard.

Well, maybe they are not hard, but they are work. Duh. They require undisturbed focus. But then, so does short writing, and the work around maintaining the platform properly and generating an audience. It can be done, despite the heyday of blogs being over. I might be better to try a YouTube channel! I’d say I have a face for blogging, but I have seen what some of the YouTubers look like, and perhaps I’d also be self-effacing.

Shockingly, this domain still has a fair Page Rank. I had places for food, business and economics, book reviews, politics and economics/philosophy, tech (which could also cover geek interests and thus overlapped with culture), and “quick hits” – links and fast, snarky remarks shades of Twitter if it were still any good. I did not have a place for culture and personal interests. I had planned to re-purpose this place to be that part of the blogging empire. That might have included my interests in camping, bushcraft and prepping, though I’d considered another separate blog for that. On the other hand, that would make more sense if I actually got out and did that. Watching other people definitely falls under culture.

That would have filled a void and taken advantage of this domain still being somebody.

It apparently disheartened me more than I had realized, getting in trouble for things I have posted. The first time caused the big crash in my blogging and probably cost a large amount of money, as it was back when there was easier money in blogging and some was coming our way. It was a bad time generally. That was a locally newsworthy thing that had a personal connection. It might have been best left unremarked, and I do feel mildly bad in retrospect. However, I quite literally felt that my life and the lives of my family were in danger from the person who objected. I didn’t need an offer I couldn’t refuse, apart from seeing the point of it needing not to be there, so I took it right down. Google’s cache didn’t follow my footsteps promptly enough for people with modest understanding of the internet. Ugh.

The second time was more recent, and really needs a post in its own right. I’d forgotten or been unaware people actually visited here who would know what I was talking about when I didn’t name names in an utterly inane post written in a long overdue fit of pique that ultimately said more about me than about the person who’d angered me. Ironically, I am no longer even a little angry at the person who provoked the post, just sad that my actions are unforgivable, but I am annoyed at the person who pointed out how crazy I was being. Not for pointing it out. That I appreciate, and wish I’d seen sooner. I regret that I have more chance of recovering in the eyes of the person who set me off than I ever will in the eyes of the person who was angry at my anger. Anyway, I learned a lot about myself in the introspection that followed since, but the whole thing hovers over the very idea of blogging like a bleak shadow of don’t do it.

Finally, all these blogs? For money? I started because it was fun! I loved expressing myself this way. I had things to say, and enjoyed the interaction with readers and other bloggers. If I’m going to blog, that ought to be the reason. Nor should it need to be divided by topic among a vast array of blogs for marketing purposes. We’ll see. Short story long, that explains what I had meant by a change coming, and what happened to it.