About Time to Update Theme

If I’m going to make a habit of posting, I really should change the theme to something better than the default that existed at the time we moved AV to WordPress. I have one I customized and used across multiple topical blogs a few years back, nice and crisp. Still not sure I intend to go with incorporating this into a suite of blogs as that would imply. Heck, still not sure I shouldn’t pack up and become more anonymous. The ridiculous post that mortified me and led me to examine myself so intently was seen bay more people who know me personally than I might have suspected, though that would only have taken one stray person seeing it and letting others know. Template change would be minimal.

Ironically, I want to write. That’s part of the point, exercising the writing juice. Usually I’d trip up on trying to make things perfect and then forget I had something to say. This may all come out as too stream of consciousness, and there may be typos or awkward constructions I don’t catch as I go, but it’s writing. If I am to get back into my book, being in a writing flow will help. So I’m noting the theme needing work, but instead of leaping on it, it’s a “do I have to?” kind of thing.