Here We Go Again?

I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I last posted. Well, I can. The urge to write has to be there. Taking the time has to be there. Feeling inspired has to be there. Not being skittish about posting has to be there. And I have to have made up my mind where and how and what i am blogging.

The plan referred to years a couple posts ago was that I would render this old personal blog a culture and perhaps personal oriented blog in a whole set of blogs on various topics. It has the benefit of being well established. I had thought I’d start using my real name rather than a pseudonym or pen name. After all, if nobody will hire me and I’m semi-retired as a result anyway, who cares if my political leanings offend. I’m leaning back the other way.

I’ve even considered starting completely fresh. New name. New domain. Too many people know me personally despite the pen name. This is not the post to address the grief this has caused, but this has had everything to do with the lack of blogging, going back as far as eleven years.

Part of the trouble with the suite of blogs idea was the work it would involve to do it right. Doing it right would mean the hope of making some money at it. My expectations have lowered. I just need the creative, intellectual and emotional outlet.

Should I bother to post here? I don’t know. There are things I must post here before it’s too late. One, anyway.

Beyond that, I have been bursting with inspiration. A single film I never saw when it came out in 1971, which might have been formative if I had, has given me enough to say to write several posts. If I wrote only one, it would be verbose even for me and would make no sense at all.

I have learned that I can roadblock myself with planning, preparation, and second thoughts. Granted, I need to be thoughtful enough to avoid hurting people with words I’ll forever regret, but I don’t need to spend weeks or months thinking about what domain, what topics, what blogging package and template or to hand code, only to lose my inspiration or nerve. It’s much like perfecting the resume getting in the way of job hunting, or perfecting every angle o your business idea keeping you unlaunched.

So here’s a warm up post that says not much but declares that I expect to fire away. Stay tuned… (Also, forgot to mention that I’m increasingly disturbed by the way social media in general and Facebook in particular co-opted blogging. That’s another incentive.)