It’s Pretty Ironic

Or… Speaking of getting laid…

After that last post, I was thinking about the fact that getting laid shouldn’t be something that waits until your forties, and shouldn’t be something that ends in your forties and takes, at least, your fifties off. It’ll be a couple more years before that will have been the case, but hey. And not to sound like my sometimes crude older brother, who whines a lot but hasn’t ever taken an entire decade off from his teens onward. It helps that he’s not at all self-conscious about it, somehow missed being trained to feel guilty about it, is shamelessly bold, and is willing to accept some rejection while believing rejection won’t be the only possible outcome.

So at work today a charming young lady of perhaps 20 I was working with said something entirely innocent that made me think of a “that’s what she said” joke (a surprisingly popular genre at work). I related this to the wife, who was completely unamused and told me I needed to get laid. That’s rich.