Twin Double Feature

I had never heard of Evan and Jaron, but in recent days fell in love with Crazy for This Girl after I discovered it. Amusingly, the linked video stars Daphne Zuniga, right on the heels of my having mentioned her movie from back when, The Sure Thing. They are twins. This made me think of another identical twin duo.

MonaLisa Twins are talented young women who do a lot of covers of older songs, notably Beatles, bust also do originals. My favorite of their originals is This Boy Is Mine. I don’t love everything they do, but I like, or even love, quite a bit of it. If you poke through their stuff, you see the evolution, going back to when they were younger and hadn’t come up with the hair colors to create an image and differentiate themselves.

That’s be a great jam session or double bill, pairing the pairs. There’s an age difference, since if I am not mistaken the guys peaked close to twenty years ago, but nothing insurmountable. After all, the girls have worked with John Sebastian .