Walking On Sunshine

This is a big favorite of mine. It’s one of those happy songs like Mr. Blue Sky. I’ve also been told it unexpectedly difficult in Rock Band on the Xbox.

Besides that I just love it, the song actually has two modest associations with people. One is my late stepsister, by dint of her having been a big fan of Katrina and the Waves and gone to one of their concerts before I was ever familiar with this song. The other is Sarah, my biggest college crush. That has to do with the lyrics:

Now every time I go for the mailbox, gotta hold myself down
‘Cause I just can’t wait ’til you write me you’re coming around

I took a semester off from college along the way and spent six weeks living in Florida with my friend Frank and his first wife. It would have been longer, but Frank abruptly decided he just hated it That Much and was Done Down There. So they moved to New Hampshire and I moved back to Massachusetts, to my brother’s house, where I lived for the last bit of college plus about six months.

While I was there, I wrote a lot of letters. This included some rather lengthy ones to Sarah, even though I had already blown it with her, if not beyond all hope of rescue. Yep, before there was blogging, there were letters. I’d originally gotten in the habit of corresponding with Frank when he was in college, then particularly after he moved to Florida. I told her some of my aspirations and told her how I’d actually felt about her, which had been pretty obvious at the point when we were standing on a sidewalk at the college and it was exactly when any normal guy would have asked her out but I lamely backed off because I had no idea what to say and froze from anxiety. It was her birthday, October 6, or right near it, and I had given her a clever, complementary card.

The Florida thing was later. Then the next fall, going to her dorm room, where I have no idea what I would have said to her or what the reception would have been had she been around, she had left a note on a whiteboard on her door that she was “checking out the mail factor.” I don’t remember ever actually talking to her after I came back. After she wasn’t there then, I think I let embarrassment overcome any urge to try again. Ugh.

I wasn’t planning to talk about her so much here. This was supposed to be a post in which I put the song and spoke of it, with brief mentions of the two associated people. There are a minimum of two other Sarah songs without my even having to… no, a minimum of four… think about it. That calls for its own post. Even with my late stepsister there are at least three other songs and, by extension with one of them, an entire band, which I also associate with Frank to some degree. So yeah, I’ll wait. but I wanted to embed the video of Katrina and the Waves before I am done here: