Saw Endgame

Loved it. It was astonishingly well done. Better than I expected or might have predicted even from how good Infinity War was.

I can confirm there is no end credit scene. The first part of the credits is worth watching for how beautifully done it is, but once that’s over, it’s safe to go join the bathroom line.

I took my oldest to a showing not that long after I got home from work this morning. She wanted to go because she’d learned that Loki would be in it. She loved the whole thing, even with having missed more of the MCU movies than I did. The wife observed that seeing Dr. Strange was particularly useful. She went with the youngest Thursday evening. The ones I never saw, apart from the Ed Norton version of Hulk, were Winter Soldier, Dark World, Ant-Man, and Ragnarok. I’d say Ragnarok and Winter Soldier were the most important ones to have seen for their weight in the overall storylines and cast of characters.

Anyway, that’s it until it’s been out long enough to be even slightly more detailed.


I realized I didn’t say why I stayed for the end credit scene that I already had good reason to know didn’t exist. One of the YouTube people I sometimes watch sent a notification that I saw in my inbox as, in part, “end credit scene explained” for Endgame. So if this person was analyzing the end credit scene, then maybe there was one? No. I haven’t watched the video, but the title/description is obviously misleading. Weird, since we all know nobody ever does that kind of thing for views.