Separate Ways

I have mixed feelings about Journey. They’ve done some stuff that’s objectively good and has been extremely popular, but I get… bored or something by hearing a lot of it. I think that connects with what my friend Ted found when he borrowed my greatest hits CD and tried to listen to it on the overnight shift when we both did developer support for Major Software Company. He handed it back to me the next day with something along the lines of “ugh, it puts me to sleep, I need to stay awake” as his commentary.

That said, there is one song I just adore, and did before I even knew it was by Journey. I first had it on one of those anthology records. Yes, vinyl. The track was mislabeled as being by someone else! Talk about poor production values. At least the songs were all intact. eventually I learned it was indeed Journey. The only Journey song that comes close for me is Lovin Touchin Squeezin. I also love Steve Perry’s post-Journey song Oh Sherry, notable for having been the subject of a piece in Reason Magazine on MTV.