The Kissing Booth

I felt like relaxing and watching something light, which tends to mean romantic comedy. This time I surfed Netflix until The Kissing Booth caught my eye. It’s something of a teen genre romance/romantic comedy, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It was adorable, as was the female lead, in a down to earth sort of way.

Since it shares aspects of the “can men and women be close friends” genre represented overwhelmingly by When Harry Met Sally, I spent much of the movie wondering when we would find out that Lee was in love with his best friend Elle, while she had a crush on his brother Noah, who turned out to have a crush on her. To paraphrase Meg Ryan, “and then they fell in love…” Except the issue was a longstanding rule between the besties that family members were off limits for dating, leading to a secret affair and recriminations.

It ends ambiguously, not in terms of all that being settled and the relationship being sustained, but in terms of Noah, apparently a school year older than the two besties (who were born on the same day at the same time to¬† mother’s who were best friends) going to college all the way across the country. I’m intrigued to see they are making The Kissing Booth 2, and wondering which way that will go. Will it turn into Lee and Elle after all?

Apparently it was panned for being cliched, but these things tend to be. They’re like movie junk food. Yum! It’s certainly fitting that Molly Ringwald stars as one of the adults.

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