For years this has been here as “sample page” as part of a default template. Even if I don’t yet change templates, I figure the “sample page” thing looks stupid. So it’s now an about page, such as it is.

Jay Solo started blogging on February 25, 2003 and fairly rapidly became moderately “blog famous” before marrying a fellow blogger and, by 2009, largely dropping out of sight blog-wise. There have been multiple blogs and the posting here or there, in one name or another, never completely stopped, but that blogging feeling largely went the way of that loving feeling.

Tired of social media, and the fact it contributed to the wider reduction of blogging that preceded it in much the same role but without feeding the big data complex, and feeling more inspired than he has in a while, Jay is back, for now. This could change. The inspiration could go away. The urge to start over more anonymously could take the lead and overwhelm inertia. Who knows. For now, enjoy.

This blog specifically, Accidental Verbosity, was inspired by Jay’s penchant to be verbose and thus his original blog name, but took part of his former blogger wife’s blog name to be a shared venue. It’s a one person thing, now. For the moment, it will mostly be personal blogging, always a specialty, and cultural things. There might be blogging on politics or other topics elsewhere, unless things consolidate, but if they do, it might well not be here.


This seems to be turning into a combination of self-examination, reminiscence of my past and a world that can never be and perhaps never was, and culture, often as the trigger or centerpiece. Let’s see how that plays out…

Nobody ever comments, except spam. That’s the obvious way to comment or give feedback. If needed, e-mail is jay at this domain.

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  1. I just happened to do a google search of my own name because someone had looked me up and contacted me and I found your blog under my name. I was gobsmacked (a British term meaning jaw on the floor surprised) to say the least. It was great to read about your memories of me and I was quite chuffed. (Another British word meaning very pleased). So the question is what prompted you to pick my name? Yes, it is a bit unusual and the spelling, well you can blame my mother wanting to be different. She was a rebel. But, it’s interesting you would take the time to write about me. One never realizes the impact one has on people. So, I’m glad it was a positive one.

    Yes, I do remember the band stand at East Bridgewater common and my dad’ band, ‘The Chisholm Brothers’ playing there but I don’t remember singing that song you mentioned. I’m not sure it was even possible because the band didn’t know it. I used to sing ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ on stage as it was a Carl Perkins number, was one of my faves because Ringo did it, and one my dad usually did with the band anyway.

    As far you mentioning my cousin, who was it?

    I also remember Reverend Rich and the big peace sign he had behind the pulpit. He was a groovy, unconventional character. I also remember the little mini house with a window and a mannequin sitting in front of a tv. The reverend’s artistic statement about how television was hypnotizing us and making us fat and lazy.

    If you’re interested, I just added The Chisholm Brothers info and photos to a country music website called hillbilly-music.com. Dave Sichak runs the site and he wrote the bio page for the band which looks great. Here’s the link directly to the page: http://hillbilly-music.com/groups/story/index.php?groupid=17273
    My husband also uploaded videos of their music on YouTube one of which is a pictorial history of the band and the well known country artists they performed with at the Casa Loma and other venues.

    Well, I hope this comment is seen by you. If you’d like to private message me please do by friending me on FB or at melodye_buskin@yahoo.com.

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